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ColorCubes is a minimal 3D puzzle game about color-codes, spatial puzzles and unlocking minimal music tracks as rewards, featuring exquisite simple environments and primitive shapes. Powered by Unreal Engine 4, its a first-person game with a core of puzzle-solving and exploration, alongside soundtracks with permission from great composers such as the genius Bruno Sanfilippo and the amazing Mr. Mitch Murder.

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ColorCubes_x86_Installer.exe 151 MB
ColorCubes_x64_Installer.exe 159 MB


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Dear developer, website www.aryagd.com do not work.

Dear developer, at the end there is no brown box to put into. Also there is switch that have text on top that say thanks for playing i think, but then nothing happened.

Dear developer, game vsync is on 62 fps. My display is only 60hz.

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Dear developer, i can not find rainbow cube when i walk on stairs to color the world in game.

Dear developer, i can not set fullscreen. I can not choose graphics quality. I can not set vsync. I can not set music and sounds off. volume control is missing. Please add daynight cycle and weather effects. I can not choose MSAA or FXAA or SSAA antialiasing. Playstation 3 Gamepad was not tested. I can not crouch with ctrl button. I can not restart level with R button. I can not spray walls with custom decals with T button.  Please make sure that game can be minimized with windows start button on keyboard when game is in fullscreen. Mouse is not locked in when i press start. I can not pause game with esc button. I can not see myself in shadow. Please update game to directx12.  I can not minimize game to taskbar with windows start menu button on keyboard when i switch game to fullscreen with alt + enter. Jesus say to eat him in church to have eternal life. God bless your work.

Dear developer, installer does not ask for shortcut on desktop.

Nice little puzzle game!

Thanks for playing. Glad you liked it!

The game lag on my PC ; (

Very good game :) Relaxing and great music

Glad you liked!